One song

Seamless by Sabrina Carpenter

One photo

Some music

Hi!Τoday you will hear two songs
First song We’ll Be The Stars by Sabrina Carpenter.I wish you liked it!

Τhe last song is My Crush by China Anne McClain

I hope you liked these songs!

Some music

A day in my life (part 2)

Today I woke up at one o’clock! I had just a glass of milk and I went to get something that my mom asked me for. I had a great time at my home. I was in my study room on my viber chatting with my friends.
Then I sat on my cosy chair, I turned on my laptop, I put some music and started writing down here for this blog post. I saved it and I went to sleep for a while and then when I woke up I kept on writing. I was listening to music at the same time.

I finished listening to the music, to some dance songs. After two hours I sat on the couch to see a Russian film. Then I spent some time playing on my flip; some minutes later I turned on my laptop and I put music and started writing here.I sent this post, which I wrote for all my classmates and other children. Finally, at half past ten I went to sleep!

A day in my life (Part 1)

Today I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I made my bag, put on my shoes and glasses. I went to school and took my grades and moved straight through the square. We had been hanging around for 1 or 2 hours. We moved home after we went to Alera’s shop and the butcher’s. He spent a long time to prepare the meat. Then when I got back home, I lied on the bed for a little bit of sleep. When I woke up, I drank some more than a glass of milk and spent my time on youtube. After 10 or 20 minutes I sat down and I wrote about what I had watched. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and I just hope you have a nice summer!

Some photos

These are photos taken in our Interactive Whiteboard classroom. They show two slides of our participation in a digital scrapbook an Australian school started!

A Little Story(It’s mine)

Hi there today I will tell you a story; let’s start!
Once upon a time on a distant island where your imagination can reach a wonderful kingdom there was no successor.
The inhabitants could not understand why the children of the emperor had disappeared. No one knew why this had happened and even a detective of our time would not be able to solve this mystery!
One day a spaceman found a map that would probably help the inhabitants find the emperor’s children. The spaceman was curious, mysterious and different from all the others
Continuing …
What will happen after a peasant found the map the spaceman had dropped and decided to hand it over to a guard?


My favourite series

My favourite series is The Lodge.You can see it on Disney Channel.Now I’m going to describe it. The 15-year-old Skey returns to North Star, a special place for her memories of her childhood holidays with her mother who has already died. Skye reunited with her family, making new friends, falling in love, and all this trying to save North Star!